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michael trevino or steven r. mcqueen?

michael trevino or steven r. mcqueen?

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finally remembered my acct info.

it’s been sooo long since i been here so.


It Needs to STOP!

When are you people going to shut up over Kristen Stewart “presumably” cheated on Robert Pattinson? I have seen some on here that have stood by her, even though her name is being bashed. There have been picture’s released showing you all it clearly was not the person she “cheated” with. All those picture’s where photo shopped. If you all have nothing better to do than bash someone you called her fan, you are fake as shit. I for one stand behind ROBSTEN. I have faith they will pull through this, and for some that can’t be positive and talk good instead of bad, you don’t deserve be called their fan. I’m just saying it’s gone to far. This happens to ALL celb’s. A bullshit magazine post false information about someone and here you all believe it all. FAKE. If you believe it. It’s just sad we the fan’s can’t come on here anymore with out hearing what kind of whore, or bitch Kristen is, when she clearly is not.